Talking Business.

with Jeff Rea, President & CEO,
South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce

The deadline passed Monday of this week for you to register to vote in this May’s primary election. Hopefully you are signed up and are ready to participate in the first of two important steps this election cycle, the primary election in May and the general election in...

It’s really pretty simple, businesses tend to go where they think the customers are. The airlines are no different, and a community receives the air service it supports. A recent announcement at the South Bend International Airport (SBN) should have us all encouraged a...

Today, the Indiana General Assembly will kick-off it’s 2018 Legislative Session. This year is a short session, with a scheduled end in early March. That means Legislators will get right to work in anticipation of the early wrap-up. Short sessions also mean no fiscal is...

The Indiana General Assembly reacted to protests from voters over rising property tax bills and in 2008 placed property tax caps into law. The caps limit tax bills to one percent of the assessed value of homes, two percent for farms and rental properties and three perc...

The regions we are competing with are thinking big. They are making key decisions to position themselves to beat us. They want to attract the talent we are seeking to attract. They want the companies we believe would be a good fit here. And they wouldn’t mind stealing...

Last week I had an opportunity to visit Capitol Hill for an inside look at what’s happening in Washington, DC. I try to go out at least annually to connect with our legislators and their staffs to visit about the issues important to businesses here in our region. This...

It’s only been a few days since Hurricane Irma passed through Florida and residents and businesses are only beginning the process of sorting through the aftermath and contemplating what’s next. It may take years to rebuild and rebound.

Twenty-five years ago, I had an op...

If you were one of the forty-four million people traveling over the 4th of July Holiday, you might have noticed a slight increase in your gas price. If you bought that gas in Indiana, a $.10 increase per gallon in tax went into effect on July 1 because of action by the...

Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States and more than ten million people live in the Chicagoland metropolitan area. Another seventy-six million people visit the area each year.

Chicago is an international hub for commerce, and is a leader in industries li...

A budget surplus. A balanced budget. A AAA bond rating. One of the top five states in the country for doing business. More people working than at any time in its history. Record new investment. Low unemployment. A national leader for economic growth. Indiana has a lot...

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Jeff Rea

President & CEO

South Bend Regional

Chamber of Commerce


Welcome to my blog! I know  you are busy and have information coming at you from all angles. Thanks for taking some time to see what I have to share.

In this blog, I'll work to keep you up to date with key business issues, with a large focus on what is happening in North Central Indiana and Southwest Lower Michigan.

You feedback is important, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to make it better, please let me know. Thanks

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